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Worried about others using your creative works without your permission? We are here to protect your content and make sure you're fairly compensated for all your hard work. So you can focus on creating and let us handle the rest!

Protecting your content creation

Improve Revenue & Privacy

Consider CopyrightShark as a small investment with a significant effect in protection of your content, privacy and revenue increase. With our protection you have control over how your content is used and distributed.


Sites/Apps scanned daily


Average Daily Takedowns


Average Revenue Increase




State of the art Tech and Know-How

We rely on efficient and effective tools, AI, bots, as well as a wast area of copyright-related know-how from our team.

©️Shark AI Scanner Bot

We use advanced AI bots to detect your leaked content. It runs 24/7 and scans also gray and deep web, social media channels and other possible places where leaks occur.

The ContentClear Remover

A tool, that facilitates the removal of infringed content. This may involve generating and sending DMCA takedown notices or using other methods to request the removal of the content.

Deep SocNet Analysis

Search for leaked copyrighted material on social media platforms like Reddit, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, VK.com and many other online communities e.g. forums, chats.

Our Search and Removal Process:


Analyze and Scan

We analyze the main leak channels according to the type of content you provide and perform the first leak search.


Deep Search

Web, deep web, apps and other possible channels are inspected with several AI bots and selected by our professional judgment.


Leak Takedown

We plan and perform the most appropriate measurements for the removal of your content based on our copyright- and technical expertise.


Consistent Monitoring

After the initial setup and cleanup we will fine tune our bots to continuously inspect potential leak channels.

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